Those Unique Design Of Brass Picture Frames Will Bring You Back To Victorian Times Also Will Give A Different Touch Of Decorating Art

Unique Vintage Victorian Design For Picture Frame Stand With Brass Material , This Picture Frame Is Using Detailed Pattern For The Edge Head And Bottom To Give The Classic Value
A Simple Design For Brass Picture Frame With Gold Color And Using Detailed Vines And Leaves For The Around Ornate Also Using Gold Polish To Impress The Victorian Touch
Simple And Antique Brass Frame Victorian Old Design With Unique Border For The Decoration And Using Detailed Vines Ornate On The Edge To Impress The Old Touch
Unique Rustic Vintage Styled Glass Picture Frame Floating Picture Frame Design With Brass For The Frame Material And Using Double Hanger Hole For The Hanging Places Also Reinforcement
Wallet Size 3 X 4 Picture Frame Design With Vintage Styled , This Frame Is Using Narrow Rise And Using Detailed Carve For The Head Rise Part Also Using Solid Cardboard For The Back Cover
Unique Design For Picture Frame With Brass Material , This Frame Is Using Bronze For Coating The Entire Parts Of Frame To Impress The Old Touch And Vintage Value